Secret Sisters

Welcome to Our Secret Sisters!

Welcome to our Secret Sister Program. All of the ladies of the church are invited to participate in this ministry of caring and sharing with other sisters in Christ. You will each be given a sister that you will need to pray for and encourage. It is wonderful to have someone that prays for you daily and is there to send you an encouraging note from time to time. We’ll be keeping our sister’s a secret; so don’t let anyone know who you have. Of course it may be fun for you to guess as we go along. At our Christmas gathering, we will reveal our sisters.

What are Your Responsibilities if you participate in the Secret Sisters program?

1. Know that it is a commitment. The lady you are assigned will be expecting you to

uphold her in your prayers and she should be able to rely on you for encouragement.

2. Pray daily for your sister. Get to know her needs and her family’s needs so that you may pray specifically for them.

3. Be an encouragement to your sister. Send her cards or notes of encouragement.

4. Remember your sister on her special occasions. Don’t forget to send cards for her

birthday and anniversary or special landmarks in your sister’s life.

5. Keep it a secret! Don’t let anyone know whom you have. Leave your cards or notes when no one is around or have someone else deliver them.

6.  If you find you are unable to continue participating in the Secret Sister program, let Shannon know so another sister can be found for the lady you were assigned.


Above all, have fun and enjoy getting to know your sisters! You can be the instrument that God has placed in this person’s life to give them the encouragement they need right when they need it. “A word spoken in due season, how good it is!” Proverbs 15:23. Praying daily for your sister will strengthen you, and the rewards can be immeasurable.


Complete the survey and return to Shannon by October 16th.  We will kick off our Secret Sister fun on October 19th at the Saturday Blessings Gathering.